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Kari Ann Cohen

Prior to becoming a designer, Kari began her career in project management for commercial construction in New York City after graduating from Vanderbilt University with a degree in civil engineering. She continued on her path as a consultant working on high-profile real estate and construction projects all over the world prior to starting Studio Koh in 2019. 

Harnessing her technical and business skills and honing in on her innate creativity, Kari strives to effortlessly unite construction and design to produce beautifully curated and functional spaces. 

Kari has completed projects in New York City and has collaborated with other designers, architects and contractors in the tri-state area. Kari is excited to help you seamlessly create your perfect space!



Full Service Interior Design and Project Management

Studio Koh is a full-service interior design studio that offers design, decorating and project management services for residential apartments and homes. From conceptual design to finished product, we will work with architects, builders, and contractors to help you achieve a stunning result. 

No matter how large or small a project is, construction and design can be overwhelming. There are infinite choices and nuances to consider when creating a perfectly curated and functional space. Studio Koh provides the resources and skills needed to not only create beautiful spaces but fit within your desired budget and timeline.

Studio Koh will help you determine your style (even if you think you may not have one) and create a home suitable to your lifestyle and environment. Contact us today for a consultation to transform your home!

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